A guide to IT Outsourcing in Vietnam

Outsourcing in Vietnam

Vietnam has long been recognized as a preferred destination for manufacturing outsourcing. When people think of outsourcing in Vietnam, Nike, which produces over 50% of its footwear there, often comes to mind. However, what is not widely known is that Vietnam has also emerged as a major player in the IT outsourcing industry over the […]

How to Design a Great Logo: Essential Criteria to Consider

Logo Design

At LesMichels.fr, we believe that the initial logo design serves as the foundation for the entire brand image. It sets the tone for all subsequent web design, marketing, and communication efforts. Since our agency’s establishment in 2018 in Vietnam, we have designed dozens of logos, each project being unique. However, there are general criteria that […]

The Digital Nomad Guide to Vietnam: How to Live and Work Remotely

digital nomad vietnam

LesMichels.fr is a team of experienced professionals based in Vietnam, with some of us having over 15 years of experience in the country. We often receive inquiries from young entrepreneurs and digital nomads interested in doing business in Vietnam and seeking guidance from those who have lived and worked there. To assist them, we have […]

Will SEO become useless in the AI Chatbots Era?

Will SEO become useless in the AI Chatbots Era? 6

At LesMichels.fr, our web agency based in Ho Chi Minh City, we specialize in providing SEO and content solutions to businesses of all sizes. While many wonders if the rise of AI and chatbots like ChatGTP renders SEO irrelevant, we firmly believe that this is not the case. While we’ve only used ChatGPT for internal […]

Why every content creator needs a website: Best Food Review Show Website Launch

Best food Review show webiste

The Best Food Review Show, a popular food channel on YouTube specializing in trying the most unique food from all countries around the world, has launched its website with the help of LesMichels.fr our web agency based in Ho Chi Minh City. With over 9 million subscribers and a recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s renowned […]

Improve your local rankings – Complete SEO Guide

Tìm hiểu Local SEO

Local SEO is your best bet if you wish to rank for local searches and attract traffic from your area to your business. But what is local SEO, and is it crucial for your business?   Understand local SEO Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies help your business to rank for geographically specific online searches. […]

Why is SEO an underestimated strategy in Vietnam?

Why is SEO an underestimated strategy in Vietnam? 13

On an international scale, most prominent companies and online businesses have developed specific SEO strategies, either in-house or through agencies. However, in Vietnam, Michels’ expertise in the field suggests that this is not yet the prevailing trend, and there are several reasons behind this phenomenon.   What is a Good SEO Strategy?   Let’s start […]

Why you need to have an online strategy in Vietnam in 10 figures

72 triệu người Việt Nam được kết nối Internet

If you have a business in Vietnam you need an online strategy. Here are 10 figures to prove it:   Reach the Vietnamese Market 73% of the Vietnamese population is connected to Internet. That is a potential market of approximately 72 million people. With the right online strategy, you can easily capture a lot of […]