5 Important Tips before Creating your Company

5 Important Tips before Creating your Company 1

Starting your own business is often the project of a lifetime. It’s always an ambitious goal, and a risk to consider carefully, that should not be taken lightly. For years, in France or in Vietnam, LesMichels have seen, met, and worked with entrepreneurs from all horizons, all in extremely varied activity sectors: catering, hotels, IT, […]

E-Commerce in 2020 : 8 Mistakes to Avoid

E-Commerce in 2020 : 8 Mistakes to Avoid 2

E-commerce in 2019 : 8 Mistakes to Avoid   76% of French companies have a website and 74% are present on social networks (AFNIC study). An encouraging figure, and one that shows the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs for online services. However, success is not always there for these VSEs and SMEs! Indeed, Internet commerce, because of […]

Emigrate and Work abroad in 2020: why Choose Vietnam ?

Best and Worst countries for expatriates

Each year, the organization Expat Insider publishes its ranking of the best destinations for expatriates around the world, a ranking in which Southeast Asia is again in 2018 evidence of its incredible attractiveness.   How to evaluate a country for expatriation? The study, based on the testimony of some 18,135 expats from 178 nationalities and […]

Do business with the French community in Vietnam


State of the French presence in Asia     This is no news for anyone: the French are people who like to travel. Curious and discoverers, many are trying to experience expatriation. Today, more than 1,800,000 French live officially abroad, or about 1 French out of 35, of which 8% chose the zone Asia-Oceania. But […]

Why outsource your website in Vietnam

outsourcing web vietnam

Why outsource the creation of your website in Vietnam with LesMichels.fr?   In recent years, several trends have combined to favor outsourcing and the phenomenon of digital nomads, or digital expats, these workers in search of new challenges and a different way of life. Deployment of a fast and reliable internet in the countries of […]