E-Commerce in 2020 : 8 Mistakes to Avoid

E-Commerce in 2020 : 8 Mistakes to Avoid 1

E-commerce in 2019 : 8 Mistakes to Avoid   76% of French companies have a website and 74% are present on social networks (AFNIC study). An encouraging figure, and one that shows the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs for online services. However, success is not always there for these VSEs and SMEs! Indeed, Internet commerce, because of […]

5 Webdesign trends for 2019

5 Webdesign trends for 2019 3

5 Webdesign Trends for 2019   The Michels take advantage of the end of the year to play the Internets prophets and discern what will be the trends for this year 2019 on the web … Indeed, like all industries, web design is influenced by inflections of the fashion world, the needs of the public, […]

What is a Web Agency, and why Lesmichels.fr are the best?

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What is a web agency, and why https://lesmichels.fr are the best?   Nowadays, it is not easy to find one’s way when one wants to appeal to web professionals. Often, the public gets tangled up and does not know which job to turn to meet his demand. That’s why in order to understand what a […]

Choosing WordPress to build your Website

Choosing Wordpress to build your Website 9

Choosing WordPress to build your Website   What is WordPress? Whether creating a simple blog or developing a complete website (showcase or e-commerce), WordPress has become over the years an essential solution for choosing a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS is a kind of software or online interface that allows you to create, edit, […]