A well-organized 


A well-organized E-Commerce store where everything is one click away

It’s not always easy to find our way on an E-Commerce site.
Les Michels design your online store in a way that’s easy for your visitors to shop. We shed light on your best sellers, and we suit the site to your visitors’ shopping style, showing them items they’ll love.

An appealing 

 online store 

An E-Commerce store that puts your customers in the mood

LesMichels craftily showcase your products: layout, illustrations, catchphrases, texts… and make them irresistible to your buyers, on desktop, laptop or mobile (responsive design).

tips and 


Tips to increase your revenue!

LesMichels are here to share their E-Commerce expertise with you. The Michels give you valuable insights: renewal of your offer, pricing of your products, promotional offers, analysis of your commercial results and conversion funnels…

Ready to roll 


Ready-to-roll and highly customizable solutions

WooCommerce is a simple solution for online sales, that integrates all the tools needed. This extension of WordPress includes the set up of payment methods, clients’ accounts, shipping fees… All the tools you need to see your sales increase!