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A well-organized 


A well-organized E-Commerce store where everything is one click away

It’s not always easy to find our way on an E-Commerce site.
Les Michels design your online store in a way that’s easy for your visitors to shop. We shed light on your best sellers, and we suit the site to your visitors’ shopping style, showing them items they’ll love.

An appealing 

 online store 

An E-Commerce store that puts your customers in the mood

LesMichels craftily showcase your products: layout, illustrations, catchphrases, texts… and make them irresistible to your buyers, on desktop, laptop or mobile (responsive design).

tips and 


Tips to increase your revenue!

LesMichels are here to share their E-Commerce expertise with you. The Michels give you valuable insights: renewal of your offer, pricing of your products, promotional offers, analysis of your commercial results and conversion funnels…

Ready to roll 


Ready-to-roll and highly customizable solutions

WooCommerce is a simple solution for online sales, that integrates all the tools needed. This extension of WordPress includes the set up of payment methods, clients’ accounts, shipping fees… All the tools you need to see your sales increase!

We also develop E-Commerce platforms on Shopify for better integrations and larger projects. Shopify is a great solution is you want to do dropshipping!

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Frequently asked questions

 e-commerce websites 

LesMichels.fr being an offshore agency located in Vietnam, you will benefit from advantageous rates compared to Europe and we will adapt to your budget.

But many factors come into account in the development of an E-Commerce site, which in itself is a complex project.

The choice of features and options, the number of articles to put online, the nature of your market or your graphic requirements are all criteria that will impact the price of your site. 1000, 2000, 5000 euros are all relevant amounts.

Remember that for many businesses, the website is a primary source of income. So, just like a shop in town, your E-Commerce site must be neat. It requires careful thought and effort to ensure the best results.

Having a cheap or discounted e-commerce site can be counterproductive, just as an uninviting storefront will scare people away.

All our websites have an SSL certificate to encrypt information to secure your site (HTTPS) and related transactions.

The quality of the SSL certificate depends directly on the choice of your host. In most cases, a basic certificate is provided for free (except at some players such as GoDaddy, which we therefore do not recommend). If you have subscribed to hosting yourself, we can help you activate this security.

In addition, you can opt to purchase higher performance SSL certificates if the need arises.

Finally, we can install security modules for the WordPress administration of your site in order to further limit the risk of attacks (IP blocking, Captcha, Limitations of connection attempts, etc.).

We mainly use two service providers for online payments on the merchant sites we create.

The first, Stripe, allows secure transactions with all the most common bank cards. More information on Stripe pricing here.

The second, better known, is Paypal. The latter, like Stripe, allows you to use bank cards, but also Paypal online wallets. More information on Paypal pricing here.

Other solutions (bank transfers, checks, cash) can also be set up as an option. Contact us for more information.

By default, all our sites come with access to Google Analytics (as long as you have a Google compatible address). This tool will allow you to learn everything about your traffic and to conduct analyzes to optimize your site. With our help, we can together create “objectives” in order to monitor the conditions under which a particular purchase or action was made.

Also, WooCommerce and Shopify inform you of purchases or interactions made on your site. From the administration of the site, you will therefore see where the orders are, and will be able to follow the evolution of your business thanks to performance indicators.

Within your Paypal and Stripe accounts, you can also follow the financial movements of your E-Commerce platform.

To go further in the analysis of your data, many paid solutions exist to provide more complete reports or for example to link everything to your CRM.

Based on WordPress and WooCommerce, our merchant sites are designed to be easily usable in their basic functions: adding and deleting products, creating promotions, tracking orders and data.

However, just like a real business with for example its maintenance agents, its handlers and its advisers, an E-Commerce site is a full-fledged store.

Consequently, and depending on the size of your store and your ambitions, it is recommended to use Design, Webmastering or Marketing Consulting services as we offer them to develop your full potential.

The WordPress / WooCommerce platform can easily evolve to gradually gain in finesse and efficiency.

We also develop Shopify sites. These can be tailor-made for the most ambitious projects, or they can be based on the use of Shopify themes.