Google is turning 20! Shine in society thanks to Michels’ anecdotes


September 4th, 1998.

Remember this date, because in 30 years, it will probably be a holiday for the Glory of our Master.

I stop you right now: No, this is not the official end of the hangover of your uncle (Michel?) Having celebrated the victory of the World Cup by France, but of the creation of the Google company!

So today, the search engine blows its 20 birthday candles, and this is the opportunity for the Michels to share some figures and anecdotes on the rich history of Google.


Our “Did you know?”
on Google


The origin of the name “Google”

Let’s start with the beginning. We are here to please our number-eating friends. Indeed, it is from the mathematical term “Googol”, a 1 followed by no less than 100 zeros, that comes the name of the brand. A figure probably corresponding to the number of dollars that inventors Larry Page and Sergey Brin had decided to make by creating Google on a beautiful Fridaymorning (also inventor of TGIF expression: Thank God It’s Friday).

And if you want to know what it looks like, a 1 with 100 zeros behind?

It gives that :

000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (we counted).

But the wisest ones will write : 10100


Google hires 200 goats

And no, we are not talking about the employees in charge of sorting the streaming links of your favorite football series or team.

If Google uses goats, it is simply … to mow the lawn of its headquarters (you thought they were making cheese?) and incidentally offer a distraction to the other employees.


Humans are very curious

Every day, 16% of all Google searches have never been analyzed before!

“Round right angle on the sides, but not on the edges”, “Emmental piece of 4 meters 63”, or “pool for disoriented penguin” are all searches that Google has never processed. Fascinating.


sad penguin
An unknown problem that leaves families in pain


Money Money Money

The business model of Google isn’t a secret for anyone: advertising, advertising, and more advertising. Yes, advertising represents 99% of their turnover … The remaining 1% will you ask? The Michels have thought it over and here are our assumptions:

  1. They actually make goat cheese of high quality, sold in the black market to rich amateurs.
  2. The profit margin of their gluten-free coffee machines (it’s California).
  3. A commission paid by the Alzheimer’s Association every time Google reminds to attach a file to your e-mail when you type: “Dear Christelle, please find attached my offer for the 2004 Telecoms Calendar Special angora kittens “.


The first data storage tower was in Lego (or Duplo, we let you judge)!

A computer server that you know well, since the rumor says it was bought by Dailymotion to load all its videos.


Google is turning 20! Shine in society thanks to Michels' anecdotes 7

Source: Techrepublic


Every Google office must be within 46 meters of a food source

U.S.A ! U.S.A ! U.S.A !!!


Google is turning 20! Shine in society thanks to Michels' anecdotes 8

Source: Forbes


Google and its countless “Easter Eggs”

The Easter Eggs are, as the name suggests, hidden little treasures, crazy features nestled in the heart of Google.

Most of the time, it’s a very special Google search that will trigger all kinds of effects or pop-culture references. You can find here a list of these Easter Eggs.

Our favorites?


Google is turning 20! Shine in society thanks to Michels' anecdotes 9
How to resist?


The term “Googling”

It was in 2006 that Google made its entry into the Oxford English Dictionary, for the use we know.

In retrospect, it is true that “Lycossing” doesn’t sound as good.


Never Forget


The terrifying secret of reCAPTCHA

The reCAPTCHA, you know, these obscure words that you have to type in an empty input field to prove that you are not a robot (the pitch of the worst movie of S-F ever).

Legend has it that it is subliminal order to manipulate our minds:

Lord Inglip


Well, actually no.

In fact, it’s a clever way Google has found to scan billions of pages of books! It’s a bit of hidden work, certainly, but hey, it’s for a good cause.


The secret behind Google’s minimalist design


Undeniably, the now legendary Google Command Prompt has greatly contributed to the success of the brand, by its sobriety and its formidable efficiency.

Indeed, at the time when MSN, Yahoo !, Voices or Lycos (and so on) rivaled complex interfaces with categories, all-round widgets and garish colors, Google has launched a real block in the pond by its minimalist design.

But behind this masterful simplicity, one should not look for a stroke of artistic genius.

Because this design that has revolutionized the modern “User Interface” is actually explained by a lack of knowledge of HTML by its creators! Larry Page and Sergey Brin were simply not trained enough in web presentation language to produce a more complete page.

Now you know what the recruiters are talking about when they ask you about “the defects of your qualities” and the “qualities of your defects”.

You’re welcome.



Bonus: Google in figures



Google is turning 20! Shine in society thanks to Michels' anecdotes 10


Infographic by computer

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