As the first heavy rains are showing in HCMC, we’re being reminded that the hot and dry season is coming to an end, and that we’re already halfway though the year in beautiful Vietnam.

Perfect time for LesMichels, internationally-known graphic design professionals in Saigon, to comfortably seat at home, and reflect on the trends in graphic design that have emerged and that we can expect to see growing all through 2019.

In this first article of what will probably be publicly acclaimed as “The graphic design miniseries that became a reference in Vietnam”, we are going to introduce one of the major upcoming trends in design : 3D.

3D is nothing new. And as 80’s kids, we know about it. Let’s now review the graphic design trends in 2020.


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Image Credit: Mario Party Legacy


What’s new, is the current way it’s being used by brands and companies of all industries as a visual tool for their branding, service or product presentations, visual communication, advertising, marketing but also in storytelling, graphic design portfolio, and web design.

3D is becoming a widespread graphic design trend.


#1 : 3D Graphic Design in Branding

If 2018 and the few previous years were the era of flat design, we’re seing this year, in Asia and pretty much everywhere, more and more 3D Graphic Design. It is one of the fastest growing trends of the year.

3D design offers a wide range of possibilities, and brands are creatively finding ways of using it.


Graphic Design Trends in 2020 : 3D Design 1
Image credit : AUDI: Q-riosity on Behance


And there are many reasons of its current success. The beauty of 3D graphic design is that it gives viewers a feel of a product, an image, an idea. It makes everything much easier to be visualized, it looks more real. An idea that Audi has understood. In this visual, while there are many geometrical shapes, the eye catcher is the car, showing perfectly the idea that we can drive it on difficult roads.


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Credit image : Re-imagined iconic cityscapes built around the NIKE Sneakerboot collection. Created with Michael, Lyndsey and the whole sportswear team at NIKE. Product photography by Swanson Studio in Portland.


3D graphics offer viewers more information on size and aspect than a static 2D image can give. It brings depth and perspective. It can even give the impression of movement, and it gives more life to the representation of a physical space.


#2 : 3D Graphic Design in Product Presentation

The current success of 3D in graphic design is not limited to branding. Products of all sorts are being visually presented with 3D effects, to enhance the viewers’ experience. And LesMichels know it.


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Visual Presentation of brochure and standee designs by LesMichels


By displaying our designs in a form that allows the viewer to see what the product looks like in situation, it gives a much better impression and feel. Showing a 3D representation of what a brochure or a standee would actually look like with our designs in it, is simply more appealing.


And there’s one obvious industry where displaying products the best way possible matters : E-Commerce

While E-Commerce has and still is gaining more and more attention from customers, and is an increasing focus in time and efforts for companies that sell products, it still had its limitations. Many consumers have a desire to be able to fully study a product before making a purchase. People want to see products from all angles, if not being able to touch it, before buying it. An in-store experience that E-Commerce stores could not come close to. Well, not until now.

The growth of 3D in the graphic design world has allowed marketing and e-commerce professionals to visually display their products in a way that’s much closer to reality : interactive 3D product presentation.



With this technology, online shoppers can decide which part of a product they want to see, zoom in and out, make the product rotate, etc. All these options have been made possible by 3D graphic design.

According to Cappasity, providing an interactive in-store browsing experience for your customers with 3D product images improves conversion by more than 30%, increasing engagement and minimizing returns. Your customer can examine a product like they would in real life, truly seeing the quality and details so they can purchase with confidence.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that commerce professionals are turning to 3D designs to improve metrics like conversion rates.


#3 : 3D Graphic Design in Advertising and Storytelling

As covered above in this article, 3D is a great and unique way to make graphic designs more appealing. It’s then no surprise that we also find it in advertising and storytelling.

Photographers, designers, content creators, and marketers of all industries use it to give a sense of reality to their advertisements.

Nowadays, consumers are exposed to so many ads daily, that using 3D is a great way to stand out and capture their attention.



In this advertising video, HCMC-based marketing professionals of Teo Odyssee, high-end tour operator in Vietnam, have used 3D graphic design to communicate a simple message : their tours are a unique experience. Adopting this trend in our design brings more life to this ad, and brings the viewers one step closer to Vietnam.

3D ads create more interaction and engagement, and marketers observe an increase in website conversion, as compared to static banners.


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