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Years of experience and hundreds of products created have made us the quality partner for your mobile application project in Vietnam.

We speak your language and spend time listening and analyzing your needs, to offer you a product that connects with and converts your users, and stay on top of your competitors.

with you from beginning 

 to end 

Creating a mobile application is an ambitious project. Now part of our daily lives of users, mobile apps are real gems of architecture and design.

Navigation paths from one screen to another, features and multiple interactions, interface and design … are all things to consider for a successful mobile application.

In order to meet these challenges, the Michels accompany you in the development of your project, by building the visual identity, the architecture, and the UX / UI design (User Experience / User Interface) that will make you the king of the App Stores.



The competition on the applications market is tough, and Les Michels know it! That’s why we provide you with identities and designs that even the greatest will envy.

Feng Shui worthy 


Our app designs follow the path of the Tao and resonate with the forces of the cosmos to ensure a Zen experience for all your future users.

Goodbye headaches!

Apps designed 

 for everyone 

We reflect on the simplest, most intuitive, and most adapted navigational techniques for this fabulous tool that is the human body.

Our designs are guaranteed for a smooth navigation experience.

4 wheel drive 


We offer native and multiplatform mobile apps, both for iOS and Android.

Get ready to have apps that hit the road!

we develop your 

 mobile app 

Using the Agile methodology, we involve you and let you keep track of the entire app development process. Your continuous feedback during the development is what allows us to build the mobile app that suits your vision and your needs.


Planning and 


Your dedicated project manager takes you through every step of the initial brainstorming to put all your needs on paper. Is your app project relevant? Can it be done? What technology is best suited for it? What risks exist down the road? How can your concept be improved? Which functionalities can we add? We will answer these questions together and share our ideas to make your mobile App the next hit on the App Stores.

UI / UX 


LesMichels build the navigation paths and actions of your app for a smooth user experience, but also offer their guidance as to how to market your brand. Once we agree upon a general structure, we then design every aspect of the app. At every moment, follow our progress in real time with an online access to our Adobe XD versions of the app design. From the welcome screen to the parameters of your app, we make sure that the design is consistent and true to your brand’s identity.



Development of the 


Parallel to the design of the app, our Vietnamese developer teams gradually implement functionalities and keep you posted on the production schedule. Using technologies such as React Native, Python, Foundation, Javascript, Php, MongoDB … we promise stable and efficient apps on both iOS and Android.

Tests and 


We use bug tracking technologies and client feedback systems to solve every issue. We thoroughly test the app in different environments to make sure users all around the world will be pleased by your product.




We provide services such as support, periodic customization, upgrades, backups and so on to ensure a healthy life to your dearest mobile app.

why choose 


10+ years of Experience and hundreds of satisfied customers

Installed in Saigon, LesMichels’s Vietnamese partners have over 10 years of experience in mobile app development. Over the course of this last decade, hundred of apps were successfully delivered by their consultants and developers.

A Multi-cultural off-shore app development team in Vietnam

Our production operations in Vietnam mixed with our western management are committed to guarantee you a cost-effective, time-efficient and highly performing services.

Our teams of mobile engineers and product managers work alongside to develop top-notch mobile applications using technologies like Unity, iOS, Android, Ionic.

Up to date technologies and full service

Our applications are built to last and are highly customizable. They are made to adapt to technology changes.

Once the app is developed, our teams continue assisting you in managing your platform, edit and update it so that you can offer new and improved versions of your app to your userbase.

Frequently asked questions 

 Mobile Applications 

Standard projects range anywhere from 5.000 USD to 25.000 USD.

For more complex mobile applications, please contact us for an in-depth study and quotation.

App Development in Vietnam is cheaper than most other countries, without sacrificing Quality. 

Junior developers in Vietnam may earn from 800 to 1500 USD per month, which is significantly less than in the West (2 to 3 times cheaper). 

It takes between 2 to 4 weeks to design the User Interface (UI) of a Mobile App.

It then takes between 3 and 8 weeks for the sole development of the app for LesMichels’s partner in Vietnam. 

Of course! We welcome you to reach out to us so that we can send you our references and mobile apps portfolio.

For the release of your Mobile App, we will take care of the following:

  • Market ready review
  • Look and Feel approval
  • Beta testing

The only owner of the app’s code is you, the client. 

Yes, you may modify your mobile application if you choose a Time & Material project mode. It is recommended in case your have a weak functional specification documentation.

Yes. From design to store approval, all our human resources are located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Contact us to develop your mobile app!