Monitoring and Maintenance

Is it the clutch? The distributor cap? The alternator belt? The Michels get their hands dirty to fix all of it

Maintaining your website, what for?


Your website is like your car, you must take it to the garage and service it frequently.
What is that for?

Firstly, Google loves content that’s updated often. This allows your site to stay ahead in the race against competitors.

And to have a website that’s often updated is a great trust signal for your visitors. It shows that you care, and that your business is growing.

Thirdly, WordPress being a platform that’s always improving, it is necessary to do the updates in order to benefit from the latest improvements.

Finally, because technical issues can arise (broken links, images that don’t appear anymore, access issues), servicing a site allows to keep it functional.

Avant les Michels
Après les Michels

Our monitoring and maintenance services


Backing up all your data on a local or cloud server

SSL Certificate

Creation of a safety procedure to protect your site and its visitors.

New Pages

We create new pages
for your website.

Graphic Updates

Updates of the visual identity and overall style of your site.


Updates of WordPress and its plugins for enhanced performance.

Crash fixing

Fixing of crashes and
broken links.

Content Editing

Editing of your texts,
images, etc.

Google Analytics Audit

Analysis of your site’s visits for strategic refinement.

Need a Michel to take care of your engine?

Contact us for any punctual help or for a technical follow up of your WordPress website.