Nha Trang, world SEO and Webdesign capital city for 10 days

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Nha Trang, world SEO and Webdesign capital city for 10 days

And the time of the first assessment for https://lesmichels.fr …

Since the official opening of their web agency in Vietnam last August, Les Michels have been on the grind.

With no less than 7 published sites (including 3 e-commerce sites) in France and Vietnam that will soon appear in their Portfolio, the beginnings are more than promising … In their current missions also, SEO, community management and technical follow-up for 2 Vietnamese customers. In short, no time to bleed.


And new missions also means new Michels. Two new business associates are joining:


  • Louis, Michel Photographer, producer of very nice shots:


  • Natacha, Michelle e-reputation, who will be in charge of our Community Management missions.


So, hoping to continue progressing, Les Michels have decided to travel to reflect on their future plans to conquer the Internet. It is for a period of 10 days that the Michels temporarily relocate their web activities in the coastal city of Nha Trang, less than an hour away by plane from Ho Chi Minh City.

The program of this stay: the creation of an institutional website for a French personal care services company offering to help people who are moving empty their homes, as well as the creation of a showcase website for wine and cheese tasting tours company in Paris, and again, more SEO, more webdesign, and more coconuts.


Time to say goodbye for now, we’re going to a business seminar about WordPress development… Kidding, it’s happy hour.





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