Search Engine Optimization

“A great website with zero SEO, that’s like France-Brasil 98, but with no one in the stadium to do the wave”

Michel Platini

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the name given to all the actions taken to improve search engine rankings, so that your website can appear on the 1st page of a search result.

SEO is a major aspect of your online development that ought not to be neglected.

In search resultsGoogle displays links to websites it considers relevant. Relevance is, for example, measured by analyzing the number and quality of links from other web pages, amongst many other factors that we’ll summarize hereunder.

Your website before SEO

Your website after SEO

But to appear on Google, one must please Google…

In order to optimize your website for search engines the right way, there are heaps of steps to take and optimizations to carry out. Here, you’ll find a few examples of what works.

However, this list isn’t exhaustive: more than 200 different criteria are taken into account in Google algorithm. And this list is pretty much evolving and adapting on a daily basis.

Mastery of SEO is key to generating traffic to your website.


And what does Google like?

The speed of your site
The average time visitors spend on your site
The average number of pages visited per visit of your site
Bounce rate
Total of referring domains
Total of Backlinks
Total of referring Ips
Shares on Social Medias
Length of your content
Security of your website (HTTPS)
Number of anchors

… SEO is also being in tune with your visitors

It’s the keywords that people use on search engines that are going to lead them to your website.

Therefore, just like hunting is understanding the psychology of the prey to catch it successfully, the job of optimizing a website for search engines is to understand what a target audience is looking for.

If you are ranked 1st place on certain keywords search results, congrats, you’ll get 20% of your audience’s clicks.

Ranked 2nd or 3rd, approximately 13% of their clicks… On and on until being buried in the second page of a search result.

Do you remember the last time you checked a Google search 2nd page ?… Right, we neither.

SEO Gypsy

Our SEO Services:

SEO Audit

Research of the best keywords and those of your competitors

SEO Plugins

Set up of SEO plugins that enhance your site’s ranking on search engines

Images Optimization

Images compression that fastens your site while maintaining visual quality

Code Optimization

Optimization of your HTML, CSS and PHP codes to fasten your site

On-Page Optimization

Focus on your metas, URLs, links, tags, anchors and titles

Google & Bing Subscription

Sitemap submission, Business, Analytics & Webmaster accounts

Linking Campaigns

Creation of qualified external links leading to your site

Google Analytics Audit

Analysis of your site’s visits allowing technical and strategic refinement

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