Showcase Website Creation

Your business needs an online presence? Of course it does, and we’ll take care of displaying it the best way possible with a showcase website!

Whether you have a growing or established company, you’d like to promote your services to broader audiences, nationally as well as universally.

A showcase website serves one main purpose: reach the biggest audience that is, the WorldWide Web.

And when it comes to displaying your brand online, one has to be cautious. A poorly designed website, a careless structure of the content and an overall botched website all come off as unprofessional.

In other words, you need a site that’s beautiful, clear, and coherent to your business’ identity and goals. Fear not, The Michels are in charge of everything: hosting, webdesign, information architecture, content, optimization…

A crystal clear showcase website

« Less is more ! »
A showcase website should display your business and brand in a simple and flattering way.
Michel webdesigner will create a clear presentation of your company in a website that’s easy to use.

Shine bright like a diamond

A showcase website must concentrate and present information in a way that sticks, and makes your audience want to get in touch.
The Michels give a unique visual identity to your projects, while remaining loyal to your story and identity.

An optimized technology

WordPress websites know practically no boundaries. And with thousands of plugins available, they’re highly customizable and efficient.
The Michels are choosing WordPress for its high level of SEO, its operating speed, and its design responsiveness on all modern devices.

A handy interface

WordPress websites are the most user-friendly. With a website created by The Michels, there will be no need of constantly contracting a webmaster.
Updating and controlling your content becomes effortless!
And we also offer our maintenance services, so no worries!


Want to have a website that’s cute as a button?

Let’s talk about your showcase website project!