Social Media 


Be seen on Facebook and Instagram by the people who matter the most to your business.
The Michels help you gain notoriety and attract your future customers!

Google Adwords 


Consistently rank at the top of Google search results with Search Engine Marketing campaigns with Google Ads.
The Michels choose the most relevant keywords to your business in order to attract a qualified traffic to your website.


Send your prospects and subscribers your latest updates and special offers.
The Michels set up and layout your emailing campaigns to capitalize on existing and new contacts.

 Web Banners 

Expand your online presence to other advertisers’ or partners’ websites by placing banners and advertising displays.
The Michels design banner visuals, static as well as animated.

Frequently Asked Questions


Today there are several advertising platforms, each with advantages and disadvantages. The main differences between them are related on one hand to the type of message, and on the other hand to the type of targets.

Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook will allow you to send more visual messages (photographs, videos, carousels) to attract the attention of your target, while Google Ads will be mainly focused on text searches, with visits often more relevant.

If Google Ads can reach the entire population, other social networks are more relevant for targeting age groups or specific types of users (by affinity, by profession, etc.).

When we create an advertising campaign, we test each of these main channels to determine which one is most suitable for your market.

In general, Facebook and Instagram have lower CPCs (Costs per Clicks) and lower costs per impression than Linkedin or Google Adwords (2 to 4 times cheaper). This will give you good visibility for your brand, and visits at relatively affordable costs. However, the conversion rates, i.e. the number of contacts or sales you can expect, may be lower compared to Google Adwords and Linkedin.

Indeed. There is an extremely popular social network in Vietnam: Zalo. This network is ideal for making your brand known to the Vietnamese population, and presents costs significantly lower than its competitors. We offer Zalo advertising services.

LesMichels can fully manage your online advertising campaign. We can use your strategy and content and optimize it for the best results, or we can also develop the package and advise you on the right approach. In any case, we give you a monthly report of your expenses, of the use of your budget.

There is no ideal budget. It all depends on your market and your goals. Like any marketing expense, with an online advertising campaign, the greater the budgetary effort, the better the results. Depending on your sector, your company’s marketing and advertising budget can range from 5 to 30% or more of your turnover. Let’s talk about it together.