Content Creation

With The Michels managing your content, your website becomes an online Aladdin’s cave!


Sales Pitch

You’ve got top products and services, but they don’t seem to convince anyone?
The Michels tailor your content to the nature of your market and potential clients to trigget clicks and increase your conversion rate. We explain with clarity and accuracy the advantages of your offer and we build trust between your audience and your brand.

After discussing your needs together, The Michels will take care of:

 Attractively introduce your company
 Create appealing product descriptions
 Integrate your most relevant clients’ testimonies
 Design engaging contact forms

Articles and Blogs

You have a blog, a diary, or you simply need textual content, but you lack inspiration or resources?

The Michels commit to delivering thorough articles, informative, and tailored for the web.

The Michels favor long and detailed content (2000 words). Why? Because your readers expect to receive maximum information in one post. But that’s not the only reason. Google also favors quality content in its search results’ ranking.

Trust us for the creation of your content!

write typewriter

Photos and illustrations

What’s worse than a website with no picture? And what’s more time-consuming than searching for the right images for your website?

For you, The Michels go through copyright-free stock photos websites, in order to minimize your expenses.

We select the most relevant pictures, that’ll best illustrate an idea, a concept, a message to get across.

Finally, we optimize images to get the best layout possible.


You would like to get your message across accurately, and in style?

Infographics are here to help us achieve this goal!

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is VISUAL.
  • We process images 60.000 times faster than we do with texts.
  • Only 10 to 20% of internet users read texts entirely.
  • 3/4 of articles content is just skimmed through.

Infographics are a form of content that adds high value to your site. They’ll separate you from your competitors, and they’ll please your visitors as well as Google.

powerpoint creation

Powerpoint Presentations

Do you need a Powerpoint template for all your documents?
You’d like to give an outstanding presentation to your customers, colleagues or partners, but you don’t know where to begin?

With our partner Princess Powerpoint, we have the solutions you need! The Princess organizes, lays out and develops your ideas and projects in order to make them as attractive as possible.

Save precious time and gain efficiency working with her.

Tired of having a website that looks like an empty shell?

Let’s fill it with great content!