A clear 


A crystal clear showcase website

« Less is more ! »

A showcase website should display your business and brand in a simple and flattering way.
Michel webdesigner will create a clear presentation of your company in a website that’s easy to use.

An appealing 


Shine bright like a diamond

A showcase website must concentrate and present information in a way that sticks, and makes your audience want to get in touch.
Les Michels give a unique visual identity to your projects, while remaining loyal to your story and identity.

The latest 


An optimized technology

WordPress websites know practically no boundaries. And with thousands of plugins available, they’re highly customizable and efficient.

LesMichels are choosing WordPress for its high level of SEO, its operating speed, and its design responsiveness on all modern devices.

A customizable 


A handy interface

WordPress websites are the most user-friendly. With a website created by Les Michels, there will be no need of constantly contracting a webmaster.
Updating and controlling your content becomes effortless!
And we also offer our maintenance services, so no worries!

Frequently asked questions 

 Showcase websites 

What is a storefront, we’d ask you?

Well a showcase site is the same thing, but accessible at any time of day and night, and from anywhere. It’s your business visible to your customers everywhere and all the time!

Your business, your products and your contact information are highlighted to expand your audience and attract new customers.

Like any new tool, WordPress takes some time to learn. However, it is the platform that we consider to be the easiest to use for our customers. You can easily edit your texts and photos and see your updates in real time.

The other advantage of WordPress is that there are a multitude of online tutorials and trainings that allow you to get the most out of this tool.

LesMichels also offer distance learning to answer all your questions and teach you how to use WordPress, or even maintenance services.

Learn more about WordPress by reading our article “Choosing WordPress to build your website”

How much does a meat cost?

Understand that your butcher makes a funny face if you ask him this question! What animal are we talking about? What part of the beast? For how many people ? Do you want a side with that?

Well, for a showcase website, it also depends on your appetite. Depending on the content you want, the number of pages desired, or your level of graphic requirements, the price of a site will vary greatly.

However, you can use our quote estimation tool to get an initial idea of the cost of your project!

And of course, let’s chat about it together.

It all depends on the scale of the task and if you are quick to provide us with the elements and feedback necessary for our work. Depending on this, allow 2 to 8 weeks from the receipt of the 50% deposit of the quote.

To accommodate all budgets, LesMichels offers to choose between a site using a theme or a site entirely tailor-made. But tailor-made is not necessarily much more expensive! Because WordPress themes, while they may seem more affordable at first, can pose problems of adaptation and evolution.

1. Our proposal to you

Fill out our information request form, or let’s talk about your project on the phone. We can then submit a detailed quote to you.
We also asks you the question of tastes and colors: what you want, what you don’t want. You have no ideas? Trust us for branding your brand, after all, it’s our job.

2. Preparation of content

For this second step, we need to receive from you all useful or necessary elements for the creation of the website: texts, photographs, legal information (CGV, contact…).

3. Creation of a mock-up

We are working on the global identity of your website, and in particular on your home page. We present a mock-up to you, and you give us all your comments in writing.

4. Creation of your website

Based on your written instructions, we integrate all the elements of your website directly online. You can see the progress of the project in real time.

5. Test and final delivery

Once the site is finished, we test it on the main browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) and supports (PC, Tablet, Mobile).
You give us a full feedback of the changes to be made, and we deliver the final version based on your instructions.

The addition of features, pages or any other service will be subject to a new quote.

Even though we mostly recommend WordPress as a CMS for your website, we can also work with Wix, Shopify and Webflow.