What is a Web Agency, and why Lesmichels.fr are the best?

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What is a web agency, and why https://lesmichels.fr are the best?


Nowadays, it is not easy to find one’s way when one wants to appeal to web professionals. Often, the public gets tangled up and does not know which job to turn to meet his demand.

That’s why in order to understand what a digital marketing agency is, you need to know the role and function of the men and women who make it up.


What are the jobs of a web agency?


[wp-svg-icons icon=”user-4″ wrap=”i”]  Web Marketing Project Manager / E-Commerce Manager:

The web project manager has a manager role. He plans, coordinates and supervises the actions of the members of his web team. He is the main interlocutor of the client, whose needs he must transcribe or give life to an online visual identity.

In fact, the web project manager often has broad skills in various web trades. This global knowledge allows him to manage his resources and to establish guidelines. His role often extends to that of Traffic Manager: he studies the evolution of web traffic that his actions have generated, using tools such as Google Analytics.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”pencil-2″ wrap=”i”]  Graphic Designer / Artistic Director:

The graphic designer or the artistic director is the creative soul of a web marketing agency (even if he/she is not the only one!).

He/she is in charge of creating graphic charts and visual elements for the websites of his/her clients: logo creation, choice of fonts and color codes … he/she translates in an aesthetic way the identity and the message of the companies to build their branding.

A good graphic designer can work on all kinds of media, web or print : business cards, brochures, flyers, textile, banners, standees, goodies, packagings, etc.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”cogs” wrap=”i”]  Developers:

Not all web agencies have web developers.

There are a lot of different programming languages, and each developer has a specialty. This is why it is often necessary to specify what type of developer will be needed: Javascript (JS), HTML / CSS, Ruby, Python, etc.

Their job is to create or readapt codes for websites, mobile applications or software to make them functional. They fix the most serious bugs.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”spell-check” wrap=”i”]  SEO Expert:

More and more popular, the term Manager or SEO Expert appeared a few years ago. When the complexity of the rules and algorithm of the search engines were felt, it was necessary to specialize on the subject.

The SEO expert is a mix between a marketer and a pure “technician”.

It is a marketer when he must for example write engaging texts and descriptions to convince a visitor to click on a site, or more generally, when it comes to finding the right keywords that users will think of.

He comes closer to the technical field when he needs to optimize a website (speed, code, compression of images) and make it consistent with Google’s expectations in terms of navigation. The SEO expert is maximizing your visibility on Google.

The SEO expert can also be SEM expert (Paid keywords to bidding system, like Google Ads / Google Adwords).


[wp-svg-icons icon=”newspaper” wrap=”i”]  Webdesigner and UI / UX Experts:

Web designers and experts in user interfaces are there to organize the visible structure of an application or a website.

Sometimes also called ergonomists or web architects, their goal is to make browsing or use pleasant and intuitive.

They structure the information and arrange the elements in a logical way, or to lead to an action (conversion paths). They must welcome the user in the best conditions for it to conduct the expected actions without difficulty.




[wp-svg-icons icon=”bubbles-3″ wrap=”i”]  Community Manager :

This expert of Social Media is a communicator. He acts as a marketer understanding the codes and requirements of social networks. It will establish the right strategy to communicate with your customers by taking into account the specificities of different social networks: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

He knows where, what, how, and when to post content to get the best impact.

The community manager must also know how to react in case of crisis (bad reputation, bad buzz) to defuse conflicts and discontent in order to safeguard the image of the company (e-reputation).


[wp-svg-icons icon=”quill” wrap=”i”]  Web Editor :

The web editor is the pen of the digital communication agency. He writes content (commercial or otherwise) on behalf of his clients.

Its constraints are multiple.

He must first write texts that are faithful to the identity and style of a brand.

Then, he must take into account the indications of the SEO expert, so that its text includes the keywords that will be sought.

Finally, it must respect the editorial codes of the web: choice of words, turns of sentences, length, structures of the paragraphs … are criteria which differ from with the paper format.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”insert-template” wrap=”i”]  Web Integrator :

Behind this somewhat vague term lies the person who will lay out the elements that will be provided by the web designer, the graphic designer and the web editor (or even the SEO expert). His role can be close to that of the Webmaster.

The web integrator is the one who actually builds a web page.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”hammer” wrap=”i”]  Webmaster :

One of the oldest trades of the web and agencies. The webmaster was originally the person who could manage the entire website. However, as we have seen, with the duty to specialize and the emergence of new professions, the webmaster is rarely the one who takes care of everything.

More commonly, today, the webmaster is the person who guarantees the day-to-day running of a website. It tests functionality, verifies that the site is always online and operational, performs updates and fixes bugs. He usually works with a CMS such as WordPress, but he also has to use code (often HTML and CSS), but in lesser proportions than the programmer/developer.


And what makes the Michels the best digital marketing agency?


https://lesmichels.fr is just like a normal web agency, but a lot cooler.


Reason # 1: The name

We all know a Michel… at least, in France, we do (but we guess you have your fair share of Michaels)

They are trusted people, long-time friends or members of our families.

We want to recreate this conviviality in the business world, and after having made a beautiful site, we have a drink together.


Reason # 2: The logo

Admit it, that is one fine mustache:

What is a Web Agency, and why Lesmichels.fr are the best? 1

But why a mustache you say?

Well first of all because the mustache is one of the international symbols of France, and being genuine Michels, that’s what we claim. We would have taken the Eiffel Tower, but no, definitely not.

The mustache is also a bet. A gamble of daring, creativity.

Audacious because a mustache, it is noticeable, it never leaves indifferent: like our websites. Creative too, because mustaches, there are all kinds, and it is a way to claim your identity! Have you ever heard of the Beard and Mustache World Championship? Now yes.


Reason # 3: Postcards from Asia

Settled mainly in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam (Indochina for the most nostalgic), https://lesmichels.fr can liven up your office life by sending you pretty postcards of Ha Long Bay.


Carte Postale LesMichels Halong Bay Vietnam-min


Who are the Michels?

Now that you know more about what a web agency is and why the Michels are good, let’s see what roles are assigned to each one.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”pacman” wrap=”i”]  Arnault : Web Project Manager

Arnault coordinates the Michels. He is your main contact and the editor of this post. He loves talking about him in the 3rd person, and is also in charge of web design and SEO of your site. This man likes Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Maple Syrup on his Pancakes.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”reddit” wrap=”i”]  Vincent : Artistic director

Vincent has his say on what is beautiful graphic design and what is not. He digs his brain to find the visual elements that will make your brand attractive. He is a fan of Back to the Future and can tattoo “I love my mom” on your biceps.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”tux” wrap=”i”]  Dorian : Web Integrator

Dorian spends sleepless nights laying out, adjusting and testing your website so everything is tidy (so do not make a mess when he’s away!). He likes talking to girls and Portuguese literature.


Contact us now to start your web projects!



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