Why outsource your website in Vietnam

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Why outsource the creation of your website in Vietnam with LesMichels.fr?


In recent years, several trends have combined to favor outsourcing and the phenomenon of digital nomads, or digital expats, these workers in search of new challenges and a different way of life.

Deployment of a fast and reliable internet in the countries of South East Asia with the development of fiber optics, cost of living which increases in the Western countries of Europe or America, less bulky tools of work and more efficient (computers, mobile phones) … participate in the movement of web professionals around the world, and make business develop more and more internationally … and everyone’s winning!


Outsourcing your web project in Vietnam is …


To make sure you deal with skilled professionals trained in the West


In the web industry as everywhere, there is no secret: skills come at a cost, and while Asia is catching up with education and efficiency, expatriate workers remain a safe bet in terms of productivity! Highly sought after abroad and especially in developing countries such as Vietnam, European or American expertise is an undeniable driver of growth in these countries.

And for good reason: they are at the heart of the local training system, and at the heart of trade with their countries of origin!

Working with LesMichels means meeting Western requirements in terms of quality of work and speed of execution.


To have interlocutors (Project Managers, WebDesigners, Graphic designers …) who effectively understand your requests:


If it is not always easy to make your needs known to a person speaking the same language as you, it can quickly turn into a real obstacle course for foreign web teams. Western professionals, often attracted to South East Asia and its reduced development costs, are sometimes disillusioned when faced with delays and misunderstandings.

Indeed, the “business” or “marketing” vision changes radically from one country or culture to another. What is considered beautiful or relevant in one place is not necessarily elsewhere, and in fact, the misunderstandings and dissatisfactions related to outsourced web services are recurrent.

With LesMichels.fr, you speak to a Digital Marketing Agency made by people who have grown up in the same environment as you, who know your market and will translate your needs quicker.


time is precious


To take advantage of reduced web development costs


This is obvious: the creation of websites in Vietnam is cheaper than in Europe or America. Several reasons explain this phenomenon. The first is obviously the cost of living. A Webdesigner in Asia necessarily has less important needs than his colleague in the Paris region. The second is the level of taxation practiced. With a profit tax of 20% against 33% in France, it is natural that Vietnam web companies are privileged. A reality that is also found in social charges, considerably lower.

LesMichels.fr, therefore, offer very competitive web service prices compared to Western standards.


A time zone difference Europe / Vietnam that allows to work together


Vietnam is a gap of +5 to +6 hours compared to the whole of the European continent (summer time / winter time). Therefore, communication can be established without major difficulty, even in case of emergency. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype are all tools that we use to complete email exchanges.

Do you realize at 9am when arriving at your workplace that there is a problem on your website? It is then 2 or 3pm in Vietnam, largely enough to tackle the task and solve the bugs! On the contrary, you leave your office at 6pm or so and you are frustrated that you have not found a solution? Relay to a web professional in Vietnam, and see progress when you return to your website the next morning!

LesMichels.fr make this time zone difference a strength: with your teams in France and our members in Vietnam, your company is operational almost 24/24, while having common time slots available to exchange live and move forward together.


work harder


Vietnam’s legal and economic environment increasingly secure


Perhaps once considered uncertain or just too poor, opinions on Vietnam are changing very quickly. Nowadays foreigners are no longer mistaken: in 2016, FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) to Vietnam increased by 12%, a deep trend. Korean, Japanese, Singaporean and Taiwanese neighbors are fueling their growth in Vietnam. The European Union is in 5th place, followed by the United States and China.

Thus, year after year, Vietnam gains indefatigably places in the rankings of the World Bank or the WTO and more and more actors are attracted by this country which knows rates of growth of 6 to 8% since years (and up to 10% for cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi!).

Working with LesMichels.fr means not only enjoying quality web services at Vietnamese prices, but also partnering with partners firmly established in Vietnam to potentially conquer this new market!


Evolution of the Vietnamese G.D.P:

Source: World Bank

The possibility of meeting with LesMichels.fr:


Although implanted in Vietnam, LesMichels.fr do not forget their roots, and take their role of Digital Nomads to heart. This flexibility, which is their strength, enables them to return regularly to Europe and particularly to France, where you can discuss with them projects that require their full attention. Because it is important that business relationships are not only virtual but rooted in a real human perspective, outsourcing according to LesMichels.fr implies these regular exchanges between France and Vietnam.

Staying in France for several months of the year, this is an opportunity to start new web projects with them!


la défense paris


Do not wait any longer to develop your site in Vietnam and contact LesMichels.fr!




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